Richard Hokenson

I hold an undergraduate degree in economics with honors from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan. I did my Ph.D. research at New York University.

I am currently a trustee of the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) based in Washington, D.C. a member of the Executive Committee of PRB and I chair the Investment Committee. 

Besides PRB, I am a member of the Society of Labor Economists, the Population Association of America, the American Economic Association and the International Union of Social Science Professionals.

  • 1973 to 1976 Senior Economist at Data Resources, Inc
  • 1976 to 1977 Senior Economist at Merrill Lynch Economics
  • 1978 to 1995 Senior Economist at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ)
  • 1995 to 2000 Chief Economist at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ)
  • 2000 to 2002 Director of the Global Demographics Project at Credit Suisse First Boston (following the merger with DLJ)
  • 2002 till now independent consultant and worldwide speaker at conferences, seminars and private group meeting. I have done presentations before a large audience of professional and individual investors, hedge funds, life insurance companies, banks, nonfinancial companies and private groups on a wide range of subjects related to economy and/or demography.